Christmas hex challenge - an advent calendar

Many of you might know the pinwheel base made from a square. It is the basis for Froebel's "Grundformen" which are nowadays also called Froebel variations. Over a century old it is about time to bring this fun activity into the 21st century.
A modern version of this is made from a hexagon. There are many tutorials on YouTube how to cut one. The starting point is to produce something similar to the pinwheel base but for a hexagon. To produce one, take a hexagon and fold a grid of fourth. Use the following crease pattern as a guide to collapse the hexagon into the "hexagonal Grundform".

Crease Pattern Grundform


 From this Grundform many variations can be folded. Over the next 24 days I will add a pattern daily for you to reverse engineer beginning Dec. 1st. Try to fold it and enjoy the exploration. Surely there is not just one unique solution to fold a specific pattern but many. Feel free to share these tasks with your friends and family.

If you want me to see your work on Instagram tag your photo with '#hexchallenge2018'. On Instagram I will also share updates and some of the solutions as videos 1 or 2 days after a particular pattern is posted.

 Small tip: laminate your works afterwards to make it permantly flat or use foil for a nice finish. In some cases a broad clear tape does the job too.

Dec. 19th-24th


Dec. 10th-18th


Dec. 1st-9th

Happy folding!

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