Sonobe Advent Calendar

There are so many advent calendars out there it's hard to decide which one i like best. So i had to make my own one. And what did i use? Sonobe units of course!

It is simple to make. You need 23 boxes, each made of 6 units and a big double sized one made of 10 units. So you will need  23*6+10=148 units. If you live in a country where you have to wait until boxing day for your presents then you need to add 2 more units to make 25 boxes. I would recommend to use 7.5×7.5 cm (3×3 inch) sized paper so the boxes will be not too small and not too big. With these measurements the box will have a final size of about 3.5 cm cubed. Kraft paper is here the option in my opinion.

I would suggest to use three colours. For extra christmas feeling I like to use green, gold and red. But there is no reason why you couldn't also use white, silver and grey for a modern version.

For my calendar i made 8 green, 8 red  and 7 golden boxes and the extra golden double box. That is 48 per colour. The last 6 go into the double size box.

After folding all the units I just used a gold gel pen to paint on the numbers. For the golden boxes i used a black pen. If you like add a small star or other decor to the individual boxes.

Here is my version of the diagram for a single unit


diagram instructions sonobe unit


Please also read my other blog entry on mass production of sonobe units.




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  • I have never seen an origami papercraft advent calendar. What an awesome idea!


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