Twelve Pointed Star - Christmas is coming - instructions and video

One thing I noticed in origami is that stars are very popular. If you have ever been to an origami convention, there is always a table with a plethora of stars. And so it is no wonder that I too fall for the art of star folding.
When i was living in Edinburgh I was very much into tessellation and had a lot of hexagonal papers laying around. And so one day after a long folding session of models from Tomoko Fuse's "Origami Flower Patterns" I kind of stumbled into my own version. 

Interestingly, I started with a hexagon that had already been divided into thirds. It turned out to be a lucky move. And so the twelve pointed star came into live.

The trick is to fold a hexagon and then trisect it. There are many possibilities. One is to take a rectangular sheet of paper, for example copy paper, and fold a hexagon grid into it.


Create a hexagon with trisection from rectangular sheet


However, if you use other methods to cut a hexagon then the following method is much easier:

another method

 Of course the problem is how to cut a hexagon in the first place. I prefer to cut them with the help of Carmen Sprung's Steel Templates. That is an easy method and the templates are made such that the second smallest fits great onto a 15×15cm sheet. That is nowadays my favourite method to cut, as I can always cut several sheets at a time.

So now, here it is the diagram. Early days of drawing and diagramming so don't expect it to be high class. In any case you'll find below that a video tutorial by Sara Adams, she is also on YouTube.


And here is the video tutorial by Sara:




I hope you will find joy in folding this little star. And maybe you can even post a picture on Instagram. Tag me if you like.


Happily folding ever after, Valleyfolder

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  • Hello Peter,

    Wow, that’s so great!
    Your explanations and diagrams are so clear and easy to understand!
    Thanks for the wonderful diagrams and the story of how you got to the hexagons!
    I’m looking forward to folding the star. Always my pleasure!

    All the best and Greetings


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